Hey there, I’m Scott Michael Wagstaff (Just call me Scott). I’m an actor!

Lets face it, these things are never too easy to write but they gotta be done! So if you're actually reading this then you must have some interest in me! *blushes* aww shucks! I'm not going to give you the classic, I've been a performer all my life (even though I so have!) instead I'll give you some fun facts! I'm originally from Wolverhampton, if you've ever watched Peaky Blinders then you'll know where I mean, and no I don't naturally speak that way but if you need me to then that's a piece of cake!
I can sing and dance as well as act (wahey!) so whoever is making the next LaLa land I'm available! Primarily my acting career has revolved around the glorious wonder that is film, there has been some TV of late which has been so awesome to be a part of.
Some things you may have seen me in are BBC Doctors, The Time Of Their Lives & Pendulum.

It was really a great pleasure working with Scott. He brought intelligence & empathy to the part & lifted it from the page to a breathing character beautifully

- David Lewis Richardson, BBC Director

What would you cast me as I hear you ask? Well I'm so glad you asked! Here's a few types that might float your boat when looking at me for roles: Solider, Cop, Mafioso, Quirky Best Friend, Unsuspected Serial Killer, Gym Goer, Dad, Tech Guy, Office Worker, Hacker, Doctor.
Some adjectives people have thrown at me about my acting essence include: Troubled, Serious, Intense, Smart, Misunderstood, Depressed, Quiet, Nerdy, Shy, Down On His Luck, Unassuming.
I make films too, yes an acting hyphenate, one of those dudes! Why do I do it? To keep acting more than normal and to tell stories I truly wish to tell with a message I wish for audiences to hear loud and clear, the fun ones and the deep ones - don't get me wrong, I absolutely want to tell yours with as much heart as I tell mine for sure!
If you want to know about my singing voice then I'm a High Baritone, a good belter and have a bit of a Rock type tone going on - love filling the lungs with Bohemian Rhapsody!
Right that's about does it! Hope you enjoy the rest of the site (pssst watch my reel!) and thanks for stopping by.


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